A rainbow is a colorful light show! This phenomenon appears when light rays pass through water droplets suspended in the air. In order to see the rainbow, the sky must be clear and the sun must be behind you while you’re facing the rain.

See this wonder of nature in the photos we found:

rainbow, sky, blue

photo by Christos Tsoumplekas

field, tree, rainbow

photo by H. Raab

storm, rainbow

photo by fra298

tree, light, double, rainbow

photo by gfpeck

road, rainbow

photo by Paul Williams

mountain, landscape, rainbow

photo by Vasile Hurghis

town, sky, rainbow

photo by Jeff Wallace

sea, fog, rainbow

photo by Tim Donnelly

field, rye, rainbow

photo by Chris Gin

lake, woods, rainbow

photo by Tim Donnelly

woods, forrest, rainbow

photo by Caitlin

field, dark, sky, rainbow

photo by Charles Knowles

fog, stone, rainbow

photo by Céline Colin

city, rainbow

photo by Adnan Islam

They’re magical – but how do you photograph a rainbow? Check out our tips in the article Capturing the Colors of the Rainbow Through Your Lens.

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Article source: PictureCorrect