When cinematographer Zach Rogers relocated to Las Vegas, Nevada, there’s no doubt that he anticipated bright lights and plenty of action. However, the city itself did little to capture his eye or his heart. Instead, he was captivated by the barren deserts that lie just outside of city limits:

Comprised of nearly 7,000 individual photographs shot primarily using a Canon 7D and a Sony A6300, the timelapse took Rogers nearly over three years to capture. The dramatic, almost alien landscapes illuminated by stars and clouds in every color are representative of the ups and downs the artist faced as a newcomer in a strange place.

canyon nightscape

desert brush at sunset

mountain and stars reflected in water

This body of work speaks for itself. Beautiful and majestic, it’s hard not to appreciate the light, composition, and time that went into each and every scene.

“These have been some of the best, worst, and most important parts of my life for the last four years.”

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Article source: PictureCorrect