In box we missed a proclamation buzzing around print sites a integrate months ago, Adorama and photographer Nigel Barker put out a casting call looking for photographers to contest in a new existence series/competition called “Top Photographer with Nigel Barker”. In this  5 partial web series, any partial revolves around a specific print genre that hurdles a photographers to fire for a winning image. The uncover is hosted by Nigel and also has internationally known, award-winning photographers as guest judges. Of a 5 finalists chosen, a leader of a grand esteem gets a photography apparatus package valued during $50k as good as a print muster in New York City hosted by Nigel after a culmination airs. That sounded like an extraordinary event and some flattering honeyed prizes to me!


I was vehement about this event so we indeed submitted a requested “one print only” upload with an entrance form.  A integrate weeks after a entrance duration ended, we perceived an email observant we done it into a second turn of casting. This was it… we was finally going to be discovered! We were educated to make and upload a 30 second video of ourselves introducing ourselves and revelation since it would be good to win a competition. Well, we never listened back, so that’s as tighten as we got to being flown to NYC to be on a show.. oh well, subsequent time! Of a thousands who submitted themselves, a propitious finalists are Andrew Kearns, Scott Borrero, Roxy Rodriguez, Jamiya Wilson and Chris Palermo. Congratulations to all! Check out their particular web sites, they have some unequivocally good work.


Each photographer was pronounced to be selected for their strengths in any given genre of photography. But those genres that they surpass in competence not be a thesis in any of a episodes, so they have to step out of their comfort section and fire in a studio when they’ve never shot with studio lights or fire sports when their strength is lifestyle, etc. All 5 contestants seem to be in their midst 20’s or early 30’s during most. So we have to consider a lot of courtesy was given to demographics in their casting. Apparently no aged pro photographers done a cut. But we digress.

As a photographer that loves behind a scenes videos of print shoots, we was unequivocally looking brazen to saying this series. we used to watch “America’s Next Top Model” and quick brazen by a great and play to get to a print fire partial so we could see their lighting set-ups. This is not a initial time a photographer themed existence series/competitions has surfaced. Back in 2007 there was a uncover called “The Shot” on VH1 (also combined by Nigel Barker). And in 2010, on a some-more existence TV side, Bravo aired 6 episodes of “Double Exposure” featuring genuine life luminary print shoots with famed photographers Markus Klinko and Indriani.


If a format of this sounds a lot like a photographer chronicle of “America’s Next Top Model”, you’re right. Not startling given Nigel Barker has been a photographer and decider on “ANTM” for 17 seasons. It’s a same regulation of introducing a photographers to a new plea any week, slicing between talk clips of what a photographers were meditative during a process, and afterwards of course, a over-dramatic  tribal drums start personification as they move out a photographers to face a judges critique of their work. As always, someone wins a plea and someone goes home, expelling someone any week compartment a final week where it will be between a final two photographers.



The contestants all have to select between regulating a Canon EOS 1DX MKII or a Canon 5D MKIV and a accumulation of Canon lenses, Profoto lights, and Adorama light modifiers, that is not startling given they’re sponsors of a show. Other than constrained apparatus brands, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of importance on a rigging or anything technical. So if you’re looking to learn some prohibited print tricks, you’re out of luck. Instead a uncover focuses on a contestants formulating a constrained picture within a time support and resources they’re given. They don’t get most time during all to detect and govern a shot, so a coercion of a time support plays a large purpose in a drama, and so does witnessing a strengths and stipulations of a photographers artistic and technical ability levels.


As of this writing, there have been 3 of a 5 episodes aired. The plea of a initial partial was to emanate a constrained movement sports sketch of Olympic Fencer, Miles Chamley-Watson in a studio setting. The guest print judges were David Bergman and Ben Lyons. The second partial was to showcase a conform line of Pamela Roland and Emily Soto was a guest print judge. And a third plea was to fire a landscape of New York City during nightfall atop of a Empire State Building. Guest judges were Jeremy Jauncey and Tom Jauncey.


On one hand, we consider a lot of photographers will suffer examination this. If for zero else, for it’s theme matter of photography. It’s not mostly we get a uncover like this, so appreciate we Nigel and Adorama! On a other hand, we consider a lot of photographers will watch this and have their possess opinions about what creates a “Top Photographer”. We all know by now that “reality TV” is light on a existence and some-more about entertainment situations, fanning play and formulating tragedy by song and editing. Nevertheless, I’m looking brazen to saying a rest of a episodes, since it’s fun to watch and suppose how ourselves as photographers, would approach each print challenge.

Have we watched any of a episodes yet? Who do we consider will win?

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