The Canon versus Nikon battle is probably as old as the rivalry between Man United and Liverpool. There are die-hard fans on either side of the line. Any debate between the two is likely to end up in a stalemate, as both systems produce fantastic cameras. This discussion, though, isn’t about who makes the best cameras. It’s about which cameras currently offered by these two makers are the best buy. Jared Polin shares his opinion on the matter:

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So which are the best cameras to buy from the current pool?

Canon 1DX Mark II vs. Nikon D5

Canon vs Nikon The ultimate battle

The Canon 1DX Mark II (a 1DX Mark 1 is masquerading for the newer camera in the picture above) and the Nikon D5 are both top of the line cameras. Both systems shoot at a high frame rate, shoot 4K / UHD, and are built tough. They’e the perfect camera systems to shoot any type of photography. But they’re best for sports and fast action. There are no clear winners here. So, which one to choose? Flip a coin, says Polin, if you’re not heavily invested in either system. If you are, then go for the system that you already have.

Canon 5D Mark IV vs. Nikon D850

canon vs nikon cameras

The D850 is the latest offering from Nikon, whereas the 5D Mark IV is a year old already—and underneath the well-made design, it uses older technology. Plus there are other disadvantages. The Canon has a lot fewer megapixels than the Nikon. The Nikon churns out gigantic files—nearly 100 megabytes. Frame rate is in favor of the Nikon when you use the vertical grip and the D5’s battery. There are advantages in other areas as well.

The silver lining in many of the Canon systems, however, is the dual pixel CMOS autofocusing technology. For anyone serious about shooting video this is a big thing—better than anything that Nikon has to offer.

The Budget Choices

should i buy a nikon or canon camera

Moving down in price, we have the Canon 6D Mark II, the Nikon D750, and the Nikon D500. The Canon 6D Mark II is the latest model and both the D750 and the D500 are older models. Among these three, the Nikon D500 is a crop sensor camera (the only one that got a place in this discussion). The D500 is a serious piece of technology, which gives its full frame brethren—the 6D Mark II and the D750—a run for their money. Faster continuous shooting speeds, better native ISO reach, built-in 4K / UHD, and a host of other features make this camera worth a look if you’re shopping for your first DSLR.

The ultimate choice, according to Polin, is the Nikon D5 (he owns it so he’s probably biased). But for everyone else not looking to spend as much, the Nikon D850 is also a good choice.

What do you think? Which camera would you go for? Share your views with the rest of the community.

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