Christmas is here! All those wonderful decorations and lights around your house make magical scenery. Take the opportunity to  capture all that beauty. You can photograph during the day, but some of the most evocative images can be found at night. Here’s some inspiration:

christmas lights

photo by Chris Jones

photographing christmas lights

photo by Ben Morlok

holiday decorations photography

photo by Kristina Servant

christmas tree photos

photo by That Boy

angel holiday lights

photo by Alcino

holiday lights bokeh

photo by James Offer

christmas photography

photo by Lois Elling

long exposure christmas tree photography

photo by Dawn

christmas globes

photo by Mike Thomas

christmas bokeh

photo by Anthony Quintano

christmas light painting

photo by Duane Schoon

We’d love to see your holiday photos. If you need a few pointers, check out our Christmas light photography tips!

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Article source: PictureCorrect