When you’ve been sharpened for any length of time, one thing many photographers tend to collect is tripods. Off a tip of my head, we have 7 (3 that we use regularly), and a monopod. Storing isn’t always easy. Most of cave are stacked up in a dilemma of a room (along with a dozen or so light stands of several sizes). Getting to a specific one we wish can be a pain.

Our friends over during Lensvid have come adult with a good DIY resolution for tripod storage. It should be simply variable to take caring of that monopod, too, and those light stands. In this video, they take us by a whole process, from slicing to loading adult with tripods, as good as how to assistance safeguard it works for your distance and character of tripods.



It’s a unequivocally elementary resolution for tripod storage, and flattering candid to make.

You’ll wish to cut five pieces of wood in total. Three of those are bound a wall vertically. These will be a support struts to that a plane square that binds a tripod, as good as another plane square along a bottom to stop them banging into a wall.

The container into that a tripod is placed is a flattering neat design. First they cavalcade 1″ holes along a length of a plane square that will reason a tripods. For a length of timber they use in a video, 5 holes were created. These were afterwards extended with a assistance of a jigsaw to emanate container during a side, branch them into a arrange of hook.


Although they used a 1″ scoop bit in a video, they advise that it would’ve substantially been improved to use a 1 1/4″ bit. They indeed had to silt divided during one of a slots to make it large adequate for one sold tripod. Personally, I’d advise measuring your tripods first, and we can figure out that distance bit will be a best fit for your needs.

Once everything’s cut, tested and painted, only insert a 3 straight pieces to a wall. Then put a square that binds a tripods during a top, trustworthy with brackets. Make certain to keep it level! Finally insert a second plane square to a bottom to stop a tripods banging into a wall itself.


After that, it’s only a box of loading it adult with your tripods.


The continue here in a UK has taken a clear spin for a worst, now. So, I’ll be spending a lot some-more time in a residence for a while. we consider this could be a good small plan to devour a some of that time, and start organising a bit of gear. Of course, afterwards we have to figure out what to do about all a bags and cases in that my tripods now reside.

How do we store and organize your tripods, light stands and other support gear? Have we build a DIY storage resolution for yours? Let us know, and uncover us in a comments.

[via Lensvid]

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