What are you to do when you’re pointing your camera toward the ground and your zoom lens keeps wanting to slip downward? Techie Dr. Jake of Dr. Jake’s Very British Reviews has a quick and easy fix:

Lens creep occurs when you’re photographing something below you with a zoom lens that’s just a little too loose to fight the force of gravity. Maybe your lens is old, not particularly top of the line, or remarkably heavy, but the end result is equally aggravating—you just can’t take your hands off the zoom and keep your subject in focus at the same time.

The answer? A rubber band. Use it to straddle the edges of the zooming mechanism and the part of your lens that attaches to the camera. (Just avoid the focus ring.)

Using a rubber band to stop lens creep

Try this out on one of your creeping lenses and let us know if it works!

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Article source: PictureCorrect