Sometimes perspective can make all the difference, especially when photographing well-known structures like the Eiffel Tower, or in this case, the Arc de Triomphe. There’s no shortage of typical, straight-on shots of world landmarks, but this photo combines several elements—including a unique perspective—for a striking composition.

Arc de Triomphe, National Day, Bastille Day

A unique perspective of the Arc de Triomphe (click to see larger size, imgur)

Taken on France’s National Day (La Fête Nationale, sometimes referred to as Bastille Day) this photo by Anthony Gelot of A.G. Photographe has a very patriotic feel, with the French flag waving in the sunlight and the vapor trails from the aviation demonstration overhead streaming the national colors in perfect formation.

The photo was captured with a Nikon D800.

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Article source: PictureCorrect