Landscape photography is indeed challenging. It takes certain steps to create compelling, award-winning, landscape photographs. The new Complete Landscape Photography Guide is no ordinary guide book. It contains 237 pages jam-packed with training, illustrations, and assignments for photographers looking to take better landscapes. Get ready to absolutely transform your landscape work! We were able to negotiate a 62% discount today which ends soon. Deal found here: The Complete Landscape Photography Guide at 62% Off

landscape photography guide

New: The Complete Landscape Photography Guide at 62% Off (Click to Learn More)

Have you ever wondered why a scene, that looked SO gorgeous in person, now looks flat and uninteresting in your photograph?

Have you returned from vacation feeling dissatisfied because your images did not capture the natural beauty that you witnessed with your own eyes?

If you answered, “Yes”, to either of those question… then you may want to take a look at this guide.

Some of the Many Topics Covered:

  • How to choose the right camera and lenses for Landscape Photography… (This is EXTREMELY important)
  • How to Find (and capture) the unique images that nobody else gets…
  • How to choose a STYLE for your landscape photography. (Developing a unique style is one of the most important things for your artistic journey)
  • How YOUR chosen POV, can make, or break, your image
  • How a pro shoots AND post-processes their images for art gallery quality!
  • How your color balance setting can completely alter the mood of an image.
  • Specialized gear that can make your landscape photography easier- and the results more effective…
  • Equipment considerations SPECIFIC to landscape photography! These are very important.
  • How to properly use that equipment. (There is a right way and a wrong way.) HINT – Most photographers are using their equipment the wrong way…
  • Composition tips, SPECIFIC to landscape work…
  • An in-depth presentation on the art of depth-of-field. So you can use this skill to really make your landscapes ‘POP’!
  • How to shoot landscape photography at night! Including how to capture beautiful star trails

landscape guide pages

Take a Peek Inside (Click to See More)

  • How to Read the Light, and How to Choose the Best Metering Method for a SUPERB Original File
  • Safety Concerns You May Not Even Have Thought of! And why they are so important if you take your landscape photography seriously
  • Tools that can help you determine the position of the sun BEFORE it gets there!
  • How to PROPERLY use graduated filters…for spectacular results
  • We’ve even included the often-forgotten little things, like Gearing up for Bad Weather…
  • And so, SO much more…

How to Get a Discounted Copy Today (With Bonuses):

We were able to negotiate a 62% discount (normally $50, currently just $19). It also comes with an unbeatable 90-day, double-your-money-back guarantee so there’s no risk in trying it. Plus, you’ll get bonus landscape shooting checklists – all of which ends soon.

Deal found here: The Complete Landscape Photography Guide at 62% Off

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